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Our goal in this area is to ensure the success of our clients in the construction and implementation phases of their projects.


We are closely involved in the day to day tasks of the construction works, to ensure that contract specifications, its terms and conditions are fully complied with. We control cost milestones, environment protection and implementation of corrective actions.


We act as an engineering company representing and protecting owners’ interests through ensuring that both the design and contract specifications are complied with, performing purchase services and monitoring project milestones, its costs and quality. Our services include:


  • site supervision

  • consulting and project management

  • contract management

  • change and modification management

  • planning and cost management

  • control and quality assurance

  • document management and control

  • progress certificates and invoicing

  • dispute and claim resolution

  • monitoring of the health safety and security department

  • control and inspections of workshop.


The above listed services also imply

  • the revision of the commissioning processes and procedures

  • inspections, functional and performance tests

  • support to operation and maintenance tasks

  • asset transfer from the construction to the operation phases

  • monitoring of compliance with all contract requirements and specifications

  • recommendations on detected shortcomings

  • personnel training and know-how transfer.


We are committed to innovation and to maintaining the highest safety standards in all our projects.

We use the most advanced technologies and safety practices to reduce and avoid risks for our employees, clients, partners and the communities where we work.

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