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We provide consulting services that meet the needs of each client and deliver the most efficient and sustainable solutions for each specific market. Entiba provides your business with fact based realistic solutions.


We offer a complete range of consulting services to energy companies, investors and public sector entities. We cover the full range of renewable energy technologies, organizations and processes. We add value through the combination of our experience in the energy business (regulation, economics, engineering and environmental issues) together with a highly qualified team of experts who give their best to the task at hand.


Our Clients and what we offer them

  • For governments we offer advice on:

    • energy regulation and policies 

    • market design

    • renewable energy policies

    • privatization processes

    • human skill and capacity development

    • personnel training

    • and on any other aspect that helps create efficient and transparent national and international energy markets.

  • For energy companies – Whether they are engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution or sales of electric power, we offer services such as

    • market analysis 

    • forecasts

    • strategic planning

    • network analysis

    • comparisons for generating options

    • business plans

    • optimal organizational structure

    • project management

    • and advice on designing, building and managing plants.

  • For investors – Whether they are agents in the energy industry, financial investors, or public development funds, we offer them integral services that range from identifying the goals to developing and monitoring the implementation plan. Our service offer includes:

    • opportunity identification and selection

    • investment valuation

    • technical due diligence

    • market analysis

    • asset development plan

    • contract preparation

    • advice on requests for tenders and tenders received

    • project management.

  • For energy markets – our services for energy markets include a full range of consulting services on renewable energy, environmental issues and distribution networks.

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