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Our assessment services in this area aim at minimizing the impact of power generationprojects on natural and social environments, through sustainable, integral and participatory solutions.


ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) is a tool to predict and control the environmental and social effects, taking into account the regulatory restrictions on proposed renewal energy projects in their initial stages. This assessment is critical for viable and economic planning of project design and execution. The ESIA tool is based on standard avoid-minimize-compensate actions and on an iterative approach. We help our clients anticipating and controlling all key aspects in the early stages of project design.


We also help clients to implement the optimal strategies to obtain the necessary permits, to plan developments and to manage mitigation, thus ensuring that they fully comply with the established ethical, social and environmental standards. Our experts on environmental issues –leaders in sustainability and climate change− have extensive experience in providing comprehensive ESIA services to clientsm both from the private and public sectors. Entiba’s services in this field include:

  • environmental and social impact assessment using the ESIA tool

  • planning

  • social and environmental due diligence

  • coordinating permit requests and formal consultations

  • identifying and assessing mitigation actions to maintain biodiversity, particularly in rivers

  • assessment of environmental flows

  • calculation and analysis of sediment transportation and sediment deposit

  • hydroelectric plant sustainability analysis performed by certified advisors from the “Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol”

  • special research and second opinions on aspects such as: bird and bat population

  • sound control

  • light dimming and blinking

  • soil protection

  • air, surface water and subterranean water protection

  • personnel training and skill improvement

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