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Entiba’s experts help clients find the best eligible supplier to deliver the required goods at thebest price.


We help project owners in their purchasing process using a structured and systematic approach. Its aim is to select suppliers and manufacturers that will provide the best products according to RFT (Request for Tender) specifications, thus ensuring a fair financial and commercial offer as well the highest standards in the execution phase. Along the purchase process our clients face a variety of issues, such as

  • number and scope of purchase order batches

  • standard contract for commercial conditions according to FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers, known by its acronym in French)

  • calendar planning

  • definition of valuation criteria

  • or striking the right balance between technical and economic requirements.


We support our clients during the whole purchase process from the earliest stages to the final execution. Our services include:

  • preparation of the purchase terms and conditions and the documents for the RFT

  • development of the leading offer and execution of the purchase process, from publication of the RFT to the assessment of the various offers and adjudication of contracts

  • preparation of and comments on all technical aspects of commercial contracts

  • monitoring and control of contract execution

  • the corresponding verifications towards the end of the guarantee period

  • the handling of claims.

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