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We have worked on promoting CO2 emission reduction in the domestic and regional markets, through promoting the use of renewable energy and the implementation of energy efficiency improvement technologies.


Entiba’s experts have worked with various national and regional governments to design bulk and retail electricity market policies. They have also worked internationally with multilateral agencies to support ministerial teams in developing the regulatory framework for power generation based on renewable sources and the reduction of energy use intensity.


Our practice includes not only policy design but also regulatory and institutional issues derived from the restructuring of the electric power industry and the design of new electricity markets. Among these we want to highlight the following:

  • Energy industry restructuring and market design.

  • New regulatory and institutional frameworks.

  • Process re-engineering.

  • Subsidy implementation policy.

  • Rural electrification (institutional and regulatory aspects).

  • Design and implementation of processes to introduce private investors’ stakes.

  • Regulation and valuation of stranded assets.

  • Incentive schemes for efficiency improvements.

  • Preparation of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), license agreements, leasing agreements and other commercial tools.

  • Policy design for decentralized power generation through renewable energy.

  • Energy efficiency promotion policies.

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