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Rocío Hortigüela

She is a Mining Engineer with a specialty in Energy and Fuels. She boasts twentyyears of professional experience both in technical as well as top management positions: from mining investment analyst in a Chilean bank to market and business development.

She has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in several countries, suchas Chile, Mexico and Brazil.


Rocío has also often contributed as a speaker in international seminars and training programs in countries as diverse as Norway, Mongolia or Iraq. For the last fifteen years she has worked in the renewal energy industry in Spain.


She has actively participated in the development and promotion of this sector and is an expert in financing, designing, constructing and operating renewable power plants, particularly photovoltaic solar plants.


She has also proactively defended the industry‘s interests through her work as Chairwoman of Anper (National Association of Renewable Energy Investors and Producers) and Co-chairing Unef (Spanish Photovoltaic Union). Her 15 year experience includes all stages of renewable energy projects. Through them, she has acquired in-depth knowledge of potential environmental risks and impacts involved. Rocío is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Fernando T. González

is a Mining Engineer −specialty: Mining Labours and Explosives− from Universidad Politécnica (Madrid, Spain, 1989).

His professional experience covers more than25 years, during which he has hold technical and management positions, from construction and commissioning manager of engineering projects, to project manager chosen and hired directly by investors.


One of his top projects was as head of engineering, construction and commissioning of a 500 MW cogeneration combined heat and power plant. Once in operation he remained as General Manager of the station which had 75 employees and an annual turnover of US$ 260 million. During these years, Fernando developed extensive experience in financing agreements with domestic and international banks, contracting, and also building close relationships with the relevant Brazilian public authorities in the energy industry.


He has lived and worked in Morocco, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil working for companies such as Babcock & Wilcox Española or Iberdrola. In the latter he held management positions first in the Engineering and Consulting Division and later in the Engineering and Construction Fernando has excellent leadership and management skills.


He is also highly respected for his professional approach and his outstanding organizational and negotiation skills. The latter have been developed through negotiating with financial entities, contractors and government officials from very different countries, from Mexico and Brazil to Oman and Qatar. He is also well known for his outstanding interpersonal skills. Given his international experience and personal interest, Fernando is bilingual Spanish-English, fluent in oral and written Portuguese as well as in spoken French and has a working knowledge of German and Italian.

Jose Ignacio García

eis a Mining Engineer with a specialty in Energy and Fuels fromUniversidad Politécnica (Madrid, Spain, 1994).

He has devoted all of his professional life to theenergy field and in particular to PV solar power.


He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the energy industry, initially holding various technical positions in project engineering, later as CEO of Enerman and Novaxergía. José Ignacio has played a prominent role in the development of the PV solar industry in Spain through R&D projects, engineering, construction and operation of all types of PV systems included the first multi-megawatt stations in Spain.


As an industry expert, he has contributed to the development of the relevant strategy and regulations in his country. He has also assisted other European Governments, such as the Bosnian and the Bulgarian Governments, to design and implement their renewal energy development plans. More specifically, in Bulgaria, José Ignacio took part in developing the Bulgarian regulating framework for the industry.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, he contributed to the Government Plan for Among his achievements he boasts several registered invention patents such as a portable luminous signalling panel and a PV canopy for recharging electrical vehicles. José Ignacio has been active in R&D too, heading numerous research projects, among them, a pre-competitive development project for increasing the global performance of PV solar stations (2004); a study on the efficiency and degradation of silicon PV cells, depending on sun exposure levels; or the design, development and construction of a simulator to train Iberdrola’s personnel to use operational instruments in the company’s power plants (2012).

Enrique Vega

is a Mining Engineer with a specialty in Energy and Fuels from Universidad Politécnica (Madrid, Spain, 1989).

He started his professional career in 1989 at the GeneralFoundation of Madrid’s Engineering Technical College where he took part in designing and implementing a new laboratory to certificate gas mixtures through chromatography. He then moved on to Iberdrola –a Spanish leading multinational power company– joining the company’s Center for Technology Demonstration.


Here, for seven years, he took part in a variety of projects related to power storage, fuel batteries and PV solar energy. His interest in the latter field led him to leave Iberdrola and join Enerman as Head of R&D. As early as 1999, Enrique was interested in working in the field of energy efficiency as proved by the fact that he was among the selected group of finalists in the 6th edition of Prince Phillip Awards for Business Excellence, in the category “Efficient Use of Energy”.


Along the years he has headed a variety of research projects all of them related to power generating technologies. Later, between 2005 and 2013, Enrique designed, engineered and constructed PV solar stations totaling more than 90 MW. Together with his friend and coworker, José Ignacio, he assisted the Bosnia-Herzegovina Government in developing its Plan for Promoting Renewable Since 2006 he has represented the Autonomous Community of Castilla-León in ASIF (Photovoltaic Solar Industry Association). Other R&D projects he has led include feasibility studies for designing and implementing refrigerated PV systems; design and development of a low power scooter with cero emissions based on a fuel battery; and a study to design, develop and implement the use of electric vehicles in Madrid city.

Randy Schulze

boasts more than 30 years experience as a multidisciplinary project leader andmanager all over the world.

He is an expert in social and environmental impact assessmentsand in permit obtainment for energy projects.


These include LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) terminals and pipelines; renewable energy; nuclear power generation plants and fossil fuel plants; power transmission and distribution networks.


Randy has also performed audit work, long term project supervision and feasibility analysis, for private sector companies and financial institutions, always complying with IFC performance standards and Equator Principles.


He has also headed numerous projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia: Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Indonesia and India. He has worked for private project development companies and multilateral financial institutions, including IFC and the Interamerican Development Bank, as well as development aid agencies such as Millennium Challenge Corporation.


Randy assists clients in all project phases, since the initial feasibility analysis to construction and operation, ensuring that all phases are in line with the regulations of the country where the project is being implemented as well as with the requirements imposed by financial institutions. The final goal is to develop and implement sustainable projects which are also eligible to be financed.

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